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Karl Fischer titration is the specific standard method for the determination of water content and gives accurate and precise results within just a few minutes. Titration is a quantitative chemical analysis. It is used to determine an unknown concentration of a known substance in a sample. The basic principle of the titration is a solution (titrant or standard solution) is added to sample to be analyzed. The titrant contains a known concentration of a chemical which reacts with the substance to be determined. The titrant is added by means of an automatic burette. Due to the chemical reaction taking place in the sample to be analyzed, the characteristics of the sample changes.  This change of the characteristics is detected by a sensor.  A sensor shows a significant change in the signal measured as soon as all the substance contained in the sample has reacted with the titrant added.

Current Methods:
CA435 Method Validation for Titration Assays
CA541 Out of Specification Results (OOS) for Titration Assays
CA5012 Preparation and Standardizaton of 1 N Sulfuric Acid Solutions
CA6007 Saponification Value
CA6019 Acid Value by Titration
CA6020 Hydroxyl Value
CA6021 Peroxide value
CA6027 Water Content by Coulmetric Titration
CA7000 Sodium Chloride by Potentiometric Titration
CA10000 Amino Acids by Potentiometric Titration
CA10002 Anionic Surfactant Content by Potentiometric
CA10006 Cationic Surfactant Content by Pontentiometric Titration
CA14024 Formaldehyde by Titration
CA14052 Sorbic Acid by Titration
CA14063 Fluoride by Ion Selective Electrode
CA15005 Determination of Free Sulfur by Potentiometric Titration
CA15023 Zinc Pyrithione by Potentiometric Titration
CA15068 Zinc Oxide by Potentiometric Titration of Raw Material & Finshed Good
CA15069 Low levels Zinc Oxide Content by Potentiometric Titration in Finshed Goods
CA15080 Allantoin Purity by Potentiometric Titration
CA15094 Hydroquinone by Potentiometric Titration
CA15117 Benzoyl Peroxide By titration
CA15119 Choline Bitartrate by Potentiometric Titration
CA26063 Thymol RM by Titration